5 tips for buying a new computer

The holiday season is approaching fast, and many people are currently looking to purchase presents for their loved ones. Tech items like computers are likely to be among the most popular gifts. But there are so many different computers out there, meaning that finding the perfect one can be difficult. We’ve outlined some tips that […]

Office 2016 for Mac is now available

Office 2016 for Mac has arrived, and it brings with it several new features to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite and cloud-based services. Microsoft has fixed various bugs and functionality issues in its latest Office version, allowing users to fully make use of the software and integrate it seamlessly with their Mac platform. Here’s all you […]

Storm warning: prepare staff and clients

When your employees see snow on the ground, the thought of a day off immediately pops into their heads. Of course your customers are still reliant on you to provide the goods and services they have come to expect from your business. Before a storm hits, you should be communicating with both staff and clients […]

Switchvox for your mobile device

Having a phone system with mobility features allows your employees the flexibility to work where and when they want without losing the traditional functionality that's inherent in an office phone system. This means having the ability to manage calls from your mobile device rather than being dependent on a desk phone at your office.

Email Spoofing Continues to Target Corporate Executives

spoofingRecently corporations have been targeted by scammers posing as executives or employees in order to initiate unauthorized international wire transfers. The so-called “spoofers” simply create a valid sounding email domain name and con businesses into sending money. According to the FBI, “CEO fraud”, “spoofing” and “business email compromise” has taken nearly $750 million in comparable scams from nearly 7,000 companies in the U.S. between October 2013 and August 2015.